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Objectives & Benefits of Fasting – Course 4

Course Duration 01 : 36 : 55

It is human nature to look for benefits in every act he performs. There are always some objectives and benefits of a human before he decides to embrace or perform something. We often have to do some actions without having any objectives or knowing the benefits. However, we are lucky enough that, today, Dr. Zakir Naik will be here to tell us about aims and advantages of fasting.

Join us for a detailed session on the objectives & benefits of fasting. Every Muslim wants to know at some point about what the objectives & benefits of fasting are? Without knowing them, we cannot fully utilize the month of Ramadan. Our fasting will not bring us fruit if we don’t utilize Ramadan fully by gaining maximum profit from it as a Muslim.

Objectives of Fasting

Just to give you a short trailer, the objectives of fasting include all the acts that take us closer to Allah. The objectives of fasting are meant to please Allah only. When we are fasting, we give up certain acts and desires for the will of Allah.

Our objectives are to get as close as possible to the Almighty and seek repentance for our sins in His mercy. He is the most Merciful and Gracious.

Nothing is hidden from Him. If you want to know in-depth about the objectives of fasting, you can enroll in our course to know about them. Fasting is not only about staying hungry. There are many aims and advantages of fasting.

Benefits of Fasting

There are many benefits of fasting. There are spiritual and medical benefits of fasting. Fasting benefits you in the Akhirah and also in this world. Allah will reward you for fasting in both worlds. All the benefits of fasting (Spiritual and Medical) will be discussed with Dr. Zakir Naik.

Why Should You Know the Objectives & Benefits of Fasting?

Well, ask yourself, if you don’t know the objectives and benefits of studying a new book, why would you do it? On the other hand, if we tell you that after reading a particular book, you will be benefitted in terms of some kind of reward. Why wouldn’t you read it?

See, this is the difference that knowledge creates. Knowing the objectives & benefits of fasting will help you fast the whole month of Ramadan more steadfastly.

The aims and advantages of fasting will be explained in a crystal clear manner by Dr. Zakir Naik. It is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge about one of the most decorated months of Islam. Why do we fast? What do we want to achieve by fasting?

Why do we stay hungry against our will? Why do we give up our desires during fasting? Each of these questions will be discussed with a full explanation with Dr. Zakir. Enroll in our course to become a better Muslim and utilize Ramadan fully after knowing the objectives & benefits of fasting.