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The Holy Month of Ramadan – A Date With Dr Zakir

Ramadan – A Date with Dr Zakir

Course Duration 25 : 51 : 42


Are you looking for some answers regarding the holy month of Ramadan? What is Ramadan? How did Ramadan Fasting start? What is the significance of the Quran and Ramadan? What is the significance of each day in Ramadan? Best worships to do during Ramadan month and things to avoid? 


Well, Dr. Zakir has comprehensive answers to all your questions in this Ramadan course. Dr. Zakir is one of the best Islamic scholars. He has answered thousands of questions from people regarding Islam and Ramadan. 


Ramadan Course Description

This is a detailed course on the holy month of Ramadan that will cover each and every aspect of this prestigious holy month. From the history of Ramadan to thorough explanation of each significant day of Ramadan, rights and wrongs during Ramadan, and the significant events that occurred in the history of Islam, such as the revelation of the Quran, actions to perform, preparing for Ramadan, additional worships during Ramadan. Every major and minor detail is explained thoroughly. 


If you want to have a detailed understanding of Ramadan, this is your chance to enroll in this course and learn from the best. If you have even no knowledge of Ramadan month, enrolling in this course will help you gain enough knowledge for the maximum utilization of the next Ramadan.


The course consists of 32 detailed chapters that will explain all the things related to each holy day of Ramadan. Make the most of this holy month by knowing about the things to do during Ramadan month. As a Muslim, you would want to make the most of this holy month and get your sins purified!


Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims where they fast for a whole month and eat only at the start and end of the Islamic days for a whole month.

The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic year. It shifts by approximately ten days each Georgian year.

The holy month of Ramadan is of 29 or 30 days, depending on the moon sighting to start the next Islamic month.

Muslims fast during the Ramadan month to practice self-control and relate to the feelings of those who are less privileged and don’t have sufficient food to eat. Fasting during Ramadan also purifies and keeps the Muslims away from sins.

You can eat only during the start and end of the Islamic day (from Sunset till slightly before Sunrise) during Ramadan.

You can fast, worship Allah, practice Islam in a better way, and stay away from sins during Ramadan month.

Ramadan fasting is eating only before sunrise and after sunset. It is all about fasting the whole day and worshipping Allah to strengthen your faith.