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Lesson 1 – Objectives of Fasting

There are always some objectives behind a purpose. Similarly, there are some objectives of fasting in Islam. Today’s discussion will focus on them. Why do Muslims fast? What do Muslims want to gain by fasting? This is what we will address today.

Objectives of Fasting in Islam

One of the first and foremost objectives of fasting in Islam is to seek Allah’s pleasure. Muslims fast according to the order of Allah to seek His pleasure and Mercy. Seeking Allah’s pleasure is the ultimate target of every Muslim while fasting and every other act.

Acquiring Taqwa

The objectives of fasting also include acquiring Taqwa. Allah loves the people who have Taqwa. Fasting can help us acquire Taqwa and Allah’s love. Taqwa is a mixture of piety, God-consciousness, and righteousness.

To Enter Jannah

Ramadan is the key to ask Allah for the repentance of sins. Entering Jannah is the ultimate wish and goal of every Muslim. Therefore, the objectives of fasting can help you achieve this goal.

To Expiate Sins

Ramadan is a golden chance for Muslims to expiate sins. It is also one of the objectives of fasting in Islam. Expiating sins can b done by constantly remembering Allah during Ramadan. Expiating sins helps us in doing better as Muslims and living according to the will of Allah (SWT).

To Seek Allah’s Reward

Allah’s reward lies in Ramadan. If we fast every day of Ramadan, worship Allah more and more, and follow all the objectives of fasting in Islam, we will gain Allah’s reward. As Allah (SWT) Himself says that fasting is for Him, and He will reward His people for it.

To Seek Allah’s Forgiveness

Just like seeking Allah’s reward, seeking Allah’s forgiveness is also the ultimate aim of every Muslim. Therefore, Ramadan provides us with the opportunity to gain the Almighty’s forgiveness.

To Acquire Shifaah

Fasting helps you to acquire shifaah and overcome diseases that are difficult to treat.

To Realize Allah’s Bounties

Fasting will make you realize the bounties that Allah has bestowed upon you.

To Increase Willpower and Determination

Fasting helps Muslims to increase their willpower and determination as you have to stay hungry for the whole day.

To Increase Good Deeds

Fasting and doing good deeds during fasting increases the good deeds. It is also one of the objectives of fasting in Islam.

To Increase Honesty

We increase our honesty during Ramadan when we know that no one is watching us while fasting, but we still don’t break our fast. We want to be honest, and this is also one of the objectives of fasting.

To Control Desires

The objectives of fasting also include controlling desires while fasting. Controlling desires is essential for our Imaan.

To Narrow the Passage of the Satan

Fasting narrows down the passage of Satan. This helps us to stay away from sins.

To be Shielded from Evil

We fast to remain shielded from evil.

To Abstain from False Speech

We fast during Ramadan to do good deeds and abstain from false speech.